Monday, February 12, 2018

DHEA Exercise Results

DHEA supplementation enhances exercise performance. Professional and Olympic athletes are prohibited from using DHEA supplements because use would provide many advantages in health and fitness.

The reasons DHEA provides a workout advantage?

  1.  DHEA promotes cell formation for connective tissues such as muscle, cartilage and connective tissue, bone osteocytes as well as skin cells in the dermis, and neurons as well.
  2. DHEA allows for healthier epithelial cells throughout the cardiovascular system and peripheral tissues.
  3. DHEA is a base or precursor to 50 hormones as well as sebum that is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair.
  4. DHEA counterbalances the inflammatory effects of cortisol.  So, after workouts muscle recovery is improved while soreness is reduced
  5. DHEA allows formation of shapelier, toned muscle.
  6. DHEA has been shown to reduce both subcutaneous and visceral abdominal fat because DHEA improves the ability to burn energy rather than storing it away as fat.

DHEA is a crucial hormone precursor for male and female sex hormones that humans produce naturally from birth. Men and women make greater amounts of DHEA every year until about age 25 when levels are at their peak. This is also when humans are in reproductive prime, at their peak of physical health. After age 25, DHEA levels begin to decline at a rate of about 2% per year.

DHEA should be supplemented via proper method of use to yield noticeable benefits. Using DHEA correctly as a specially made skin cream yields more favorable benefits compared to DHEA in pill form which is far less effective. After regular daily use for 3 weeks one can actually feel noticeable benefits, whereas DHEA pills are far less effective.

People 35 years and older (who are not competing as a professional or Olympic athlete) should apply Twist 25 DHEA cream daily.

Twist 25 DHEA cream is available without a prescription. It is not addictive or habit forming. Twist 25 cream has no dangerous side effects. It is made with a special cream base containing coconut oil, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. It contains no petroleum byproducts, no soy, no lecithin, no parabens, no cyclodextrins.

There are no particular foods to eat that will increase DHEA levels. For greatest benefit, people 35 or older apply Twist 25 DHEA cream on thin hairless skin each day.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

What does DHEA do for you?

Anti-aging one day at a time

DHEA, also known as dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant prohormone in the body. As a natural pro-hormone, it occurs only in humans and upper level primates.

DHEA was first identified in 1931 by Dr. Adolf Butenandt, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1939. Frequently called the anti-aging hormone, DHEA is a base for more than 50 hormones that are smaller or more specific carbon chain molecules in human biochemistry. As a precursor of all estrogenic and androgenic hormones, humans make DHEA naturally from birth. Men and women produce more and more DHEA every year until about age 25, when levels are at their peak. After age 25, DHEA levels begin to decline at a rate of about two percent per year thereafter.

What does DHEA do?
One of the primary roles for DHEA is a base hormone precursor. Low DHEA is correlated to many diseases of aging, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, depression and dementia.

DHEA promotes tissue formation after exercise, and counterbalances the inflammatory effects of cortisol. So it helps reduce soreness after workouts, and helps rebuild muscle, cartilage and bone. DHEA also serves as a base for sebum (skin oil), protecting skin cells from both UV and chemical carcinogens. In addition, DHEA stimulates formation of connective tissue and cartilage and improves bone strength.

DHEA supports:
-Energy, focus and mental acuity
-Immune system
-Lean muscle tone
-Bone strength
-Cardiovascular health
-Libido and sexual performance
-Deep REM sleep
-Softer, more hydrated skin

DHEA reduces:
-Abdominal Fat
-Risk of Cancer
-Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
-Poor quality sleep
-Joint pain
-Muscle soreness

Available without a prescription, DHEA is safe; and not addictive or habit forming. DHEA should be used as a topical skin cream by people 35 years and older, rather than in pill form. When taken orally as a pill, most DHEA is eliminated by the liver before it can be effective. It is also not possible to eat any particular foods to increase DHEA. For greatest benefit, those who are 35 years or older should apply Twist 25 DHEA cream morning and evening by rubbing it in each day on thin hairless skin.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Keep your head about you - Stay Mentally Sharp, Healthy and look good, too

There is an old Rudyard Kipling poem that begins: “If you can keep your head about you when those around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

We all want to stay looking sharp and thinking clearly as we get older. Maintaining soft skin and a full head of hair, while also staying mentally sharp is important. 

Two of our greatest fears as we get older are:
-loss of health or physical fitness
-loss of mental function 

…because both abilities are needed to avoid loss of independence and ability to manage and do things for ourselves. We all want to look good and feel good physically as we get older, also staying mentally “with it” and coordinated. 

Good news: Medical research studies have shown that DHEA helps neuronal cells to regenerate, and boost cognitive function as measured by memory, mood and visuospatial awareness.1,2 Twist 25 users report that one of the benefits they noticed was their hair was growing faster and fuller, and their skin felt soft and well hydrated. Because DHEA is a precursor for hormones, it helps connective tissue formation and also is a base for sebum (skin oil).

So keep your health strong, and your mind sharp while also maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails using Twist 25 DHEA cream every day after age 35.

1 Dehydroepiandrosterone levels and cognitive function in aging. Rathna Kumari U, Padma K International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)

2 DHEA boosts growth rate of human neural stem cells. Terry Devitt. University of Wisconsin-Madison News. Feb 18 2004.