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Friday, March 28, 2014

An Easy Way to Feel Happier and Avoid Antidepressants

If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, you’re probably looking for any solution to help you feel happier. Maybe the things that have always worked — time with family or friends, reading a book you love, etc. — just aren’t helping anymore, and you’re not sure what to do about it. For some people, this is when they turn to antidepressants to feel better.

Unfortunately, antidepressants are not always the best answer when it comes to mild or moderate depression. Many people who don’t have severe symptoms often would prefer to handle their depression without taking antidepressant drugs. For others, antidepressants are just not effective or leave them in a haze, or a constant roller-coaster. There are other people who just may have the blues and don’t feel like antidepressants are an option at all. In many cases, low dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, level may be the reason for the low vitality and lack of energy; so taking a properly made bioidentical DHEA supplement cream may help to bring up a person’s mood and vitality, so they can once again find the happiness and joy of life that often seems just out of reach.

DHEA is a pro-hormone that is naturally secreted by the adrenal glands, gonads and skin. DHEA is a precursor or base building block for the production of hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, which can affect your mood. It’s an unfortunate fact, but after people reach their mid-twenties, DHEA levels begin to diminish at a rate of about 2% per year; so by age 35 most people are make 20% less than when they were “in their prime” and by age 50, middle age, DHEA levels are down to about 50 percent of the optimal levels.

Bringing up your DHEA levels can help you feel happier, more energetic and less moody throughout the day, with a greater sense of focus, and more well-being and drive. Researchers have found that DHEA supplementation helps to reduce symptoms of depression for people with “the blues” who are feeling down, especially when these symptoms of depression worsen during middle age.

In addition to making you feel happier, DHEA can help you be more productive and generally healthier too: supporting cardiovascular health, immune response and reducing risks of cancer. This is because DHEA is the most abundant pro-hormone in the body. People who add DHEA to their daily routine have been found to have more energy and get more done. With your hormones in balance, your mind is less foggy. You can think more clearly, making daily routines easier and more enjoyable.

For optimal results, opt for a bioidentical DHEA cream that is absorbed and processed in the skin, where it occurs naturally anyway. Twist 25 DHEA cream provides what the body makes naturally, bioidentical DHEA, where the body uses it, the skin. Instead of taking pills every day, simply apply a skin cream to DHEA the right way, and be happier and healthier as a result. Make Twist 25 DHEA cream part of your daily routine.

At Health2Go, we’re proud to offer Twist 25 DHEA cream to help support your body’s optimal functioning. No other DHEA cream has been tested and improved with the same rigor as Twist 25. Just rub in a a couple of squirts of Twist 25 cream twice a day to regain youthful health and happiness.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Improving Menopause Symptoms with DHEA

If you’re starting to go through menopause, you’re probably tired of the symptoms most women go through: the hot flashes that keep you up at night, diminished skin tone, changes in mood, increased anxiety, forgetfulness and lack of concentration. While these symptoms vary in intensity from woman to woman, most women experience one or more of these symptoms during menopause between the ages of 40 to 60, and many seem to be under the impression that there isn’t much they can do about it, outside of controversial Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Fortunately, the unpleasant symptoms of menopause can be alleviated with the help of Twist 25 DHEA cream because DHEA is a natural pro-hormone, or base for hormones. According to information from the University of Maryland Medical Center, DHEA supplements have been shown to raise hormone levels in pre- and post-menopausal women. Medical studies such as the one performed at the University of Pisa have even shown that DHEA can be as effective as Hormone Replacement Therapy in helping to reduce menopausal symptoms by supporting healthier hormone levels. With all of the negative press Hormone Replacement Therapy has been getting recently, many women are opting for bioidentical DHEA cream to keep their symptoms in check.

As mentioned above, the reason DHEA cream helps women to maintain healthier hormone levels is because DHEA is a base building block for about 50 hormones, including estrogen, estrone, estradiol and testosterone. As we age, our bodies produce less and less DHEA, leaving us producing about half as much DHEA by age 50 as when we were in our 20s. Interesting research done by Dr. Fernand Labrie showed that after menopause, women actually make more than 80 percent of their hormones in the skin, the dermis, the largest organ of the body. Without this important pro-hormone, DHEA, people simply feel washed out, have low energy, sleep poorly, gain weight more easily, have little interest in sex and basically lack enthusiasm and drive. The reason? Our health and happiness are largely controlled by our hormones.

Using a bioidentical DHEA cream called Twist 25 can help to fight other symptoms of aging, too. Lower than normal levels of DHEA have been associated with osteoporosis, heart disease, memory loss, depression and greater risks for cancer. Higher levels of DHEA are associated with greater bone strength, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, improving mood and reduced risk of cancer.

It is very important to use DHEA as a properly made bioidentical DHEA cream you can trust rather than a pill. No other DHEA cream on the market has been tested with the same rigor as Twist 25 DHEA cream. We’ve been researching and perfecting Twist 25 DHEA Cream for more than two decades. Apply a pump or two of Twist 25 cream to your skin each day and start feeling better. The little things we do each day make a big difference over time. Twist 25 DHEA cream is the perfect advantage to stave off the unpleasant signs of menopause. It’s what the body makes naturally applied where the body uses it naturally anyway.