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Thursday, April 26, 2018

DHEA Cream for Healthy Hair and Skin

Strong, fast-growing, healthy hair and soft skin is a telltale sign of overall health. Maybe that’s why maintaining young looking healthy hair and skin is a health and beauty must-have.

Turns out that science shows an important hormone precursor called DHEA can help us keep a full head of hair and soft hydrated skin. DHEA helps maintain healthy hair because it is a base precursor to estrogenic and androgenic sex hormones, and helps connective tissue formation. DHEA is also a base for sebum, or skin oil.

Dr. Wm. Marcus Spurlock, M.D. says, “DHEA is primarily used to enhance memory, however it has other uses. It helps boost the immune system and is the precursor hormone for testosterone and estrogen. Therefore, through its precursor status, indirectly, it aids in hair growth through the sex hormones.”

According to Dr. Timothy J. Smith in his book titled Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution, “DHEA does stimulate hair follicles and sebaceous (oil) glands.” In a clinical study in 2000, researchers determined that DHEA helps the body produce collagen which is important for strong health hair and skin.

Unfortunately, after age 25 sex hormones decline. By age 35, both men and women begin to notice the effects of declining hormones in lots of different ways. Quality of sleep at night, energy, sex drive, a more vulnerable immune system – may all be signs of a gradual hormone decline.

There is good news: a pharmaceutical grade DHEA skin cream made with bioidentical DHEA in a coconut oil base skin cream called Twist 25®Maintain a beautiful head of hair and soft, beautiful skin by maintaining your hormones with Twist 25 DHEA cream. Feel your best. Look your best.