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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Maintain Mental and Physical Ability with DHEA and Vitamin D

Research shows that as we age “declining health is the number one concern (37%) about getting older, followed by financial worries (23%) and dependence on others (6%). Asked their greatest fear about growing old, Americans mentioned losing mental capacity twice as often as declining physical ability (62% vs. 29% respectively). 84% of Americans surveyed said they believe they can do things to stay healthy as they age, and 83% say they are currently taking steps to do so. Of those, more than half (56%) of Americans surveyed say they are exercising and 26% are watching their diet.”1

A recent article posted on was titled “Vitamin D and DHEA Help Men Avoid Frailty: Study.” The article was about a recent medical study that showed that older men (age 70 -88) who had higher levels of Vitamin D had better bone health, muscle mass and strength.2 In another study, Australian researchers evaluated more than 4,000 older men ages 70 to 88, and they likewise found that vitamin D levels predicted independently who would become frail.3

So, there is very convincing medical research that shows that maintaining vitamin D levels as we get older is very important. In addition, reliable peer reviewed medical research shows that low levels of DHEA in older men were also found to increase the risk of becoming frail.4 Men and women with higher levels of DHEA have been found to have stronger bones; and better cognition as measured by memory, verbal fluency and visuospatial awareness.5

DHEA is a naturally occurring pro-hormone that our bodies produce more and more of each year from birth through puberty and into adulthood. But then DHEA production levels out between the ages of about 20 to 25 and begins to decline. After age 25, DHEA levels decrease by about 2 percent each year. So by age 35, we produce 20% less than when we were in our prime; by age 50, we only produce about half as much DHEA as we did at age 25. The decrease continues to where, by age 75, we are only producing 5 or 10% of optimum levels. To stave off this decline, it would be better to supplement DHEA levels as we get older, as shown in the graph below. Simply apply a little Twist 25 DHEA cream morning and evening each day to help maintain your DHEA level.

It is very important to be sure you’re using a quality DHEA supplement. When you shop for a DHEA supplement, there are low-cost products available, but ‘buyer beware!’ There is a price to pay for inferior quality. Twist 25 DHEA cream is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and provides bioidentical DHEA the right way, absorbed in the skin.  Twist 25 DHEA cream is made with coconut oil, vitamin E and coenzyme Q-10.  Developed by a Board Certified medical doctor and specialized cream chemists, Twist 25 cream is available without a prescription. This cream has been researched, tested and perfected for more than 20 years. Physicians and pharmacists recommend Twist 25 DHEA cream and provide it for their patients.

Apply Twist 25 DHEA cream every day and take Health2Go Vitamin D3 or Health2Go Vitamin A-D-K capsules every day, beginning as soon as you can to stay as healthy, strong and sharp as possible.

Avoid frailty as you get older. Enjoy life. Health2Go is here to help.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stay Active. Stay Sharp. Stay Alive.

How can I stay young? The age old question (pun intended)!
It depends how you measure success; but science has repeatedly shown there are behaviors that help us stay healthy and happy as we get older:

#1 - Eat a healthy diet high in a variety of green vegetables
and low in carbohydrates

#2 - Exercise regularly

#3 - Sleep 8 hours

#4 - Maintain healthy hormone levels

Science confirms that staying active allows people to stay healthier and mentally sharper. It’s a fact that people who exercise regularly are more likely to stay sharp and live longer, too.

So Health2Go, Inc. after years of testing developed a daily DHEA skin cream that helps maintain healthy hormones, and thus people 35 and up regain the energy and drive to exercise every day—while also allowing for faster muscle recovery, less abdominal fat and stronger bones,?

Twist 25 DHEA cream helps men and women maintain healthy hormone levels. It also helps us get better quality sleep at night, have a positive attitude, sharper mind in addition to faster recovery after exercise.

Strive to make improvements every day on several different levels. Naturally maintain a sharp mind so you can have the energy to exercise, because we live longer if we stay active. Twist 25 DHEA cream boosts your body’s natural hormone production to help maintain healthy hormone levels. Healthy hormone levels, in turn, help us maintain an active lifestyle. And an active life, with a sharp mind, yields real progress toward health and happiness.

It is all the little things we do each day that make a big difference. Stay active. Stay sharp. Stay fit. Use Twist 25 DHEA cream.