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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Laughter: Rx for stress

When is the last time you had a good belly laugh? You may have heard that laughter is the best medicine; know why? Laughter releases endorphins—hormones that help to reduce pain and relieve stress. Laughter also works muscles throughout our face and body; we breathe faster and our heart rate goes up which delivers more oxygen to cells throughout the body and burns calories.

Let’s talk stress.
When we’re stressed out, it shows up in our emotions, sleeping and eating patterns, and even social interactions. Sometimes the stressors are on the scene temporarily; and some stressors are just things we have to get used to, like traffic we just can’t avoid. Over time, these things that “stress us out” can lead to potentially severe and chronic byproducts of stress like anxiety, depression or high blood pressure.  Some call the symptoms of chronic stress, “adrenal fatigue.” Speaking of adrenal fatigue, we recently talked with Kelly Cappasola on the Forever Young radio show about adrenal fatigue and how DHEA cream Twist 25 can help. You can listen to that show here.

Medical science shows that when the body experiences stress, cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) increases to protect the body with an inflammatory response, a defense mechanism which could be good. But when cortisol levels remain high over days, weeks or months, it can cause us to gain weight, lose energy and drive, and seemingly steal our joy.

If you’re middle age, lacking energy and drive and notice you’re just not the go-getter you were in your twenties, you may be feeling the effects of adrenal fatigue.  Ask your doctor to test your cortisol, DHEA and thyroid levels. But if a manageable level of stress just has you down for a spell, try these natural self-help solutions first!

Find Happiness in the Little Things - Laugh
Don’t let the stress take over. Turn stress off.  Happy thoughts release endorphins with “blissful moments that can also give your well-being a boost.” We love the 5 steps to more joy from W.H. Auden of United Healthcare Services, Inc. Sometimes it’s the little things like laughter that make a big difference.

Breathe In, Stress Out
When too much energy is being exerted on the body’s response to stress, stop what you’re doing and take a breath. In fact, take several. Focusing on taking deep breaths can help take your mind off the stressors. Try some of these breathing exercises offered by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Stretch-Away Stressors
Studies have shown that practicing yoga or meditation can have great  antidepressant effects. Not only excellent for practicing breath control, yoga also helps focus the mind on various muscle groups, improves blood flow and oxygenates cells throughout the body. Stretching also clears toxins from muscle tissue. So if you’re feeling stressed-out, tell your excess cortisol to hit the road with a yoga posture, or just move around and stretch.

Find Balance with DHEA
The body’s most abundant naturally occurring pro-hormone, DHEA, is crucial to counterbalance cortisol levels. Unfortunately, DHEA gradually decreases after age 25, while cortisol levels steadily increase as we age. When the DHEA to cortisol ratio is 10:1, a healthier balance is found. DHEA is the only thing that counterbalances the negative effects of cortisol. Think of Twist 25 DHEA cream as yet another natural stress management solution. So maintain DHEA levels to feel and look your best and help reduce the negative effects cortisol can have.

More Natural Solutions
Erin Chamerlik, of Get Better Wellness Inc., offers some great ideas about stress management on her blog, noting, “the body can perceive stress from food and environmental toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and lack of appropriate sleep ...” She supports the idea of using bioidentical DHEA cream, and also suggests vitamin supplements, and herbal oils that can soothe the soul, relax you, and bring joy to your senses.

So how do you de-stress? Can you share a funny video or photo ? We love to hear from you!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Natural Tips for Healthier Hair

Hats Off to Martie!
We’d like to thank Martie Whittekin for inviting Hugh Woodward, President of Health2Go, to her show last Saturday (pictured). They talked about how DHEA cream helps the body make its own hormones naturally. Martie pointed out that the body’s’ production of some hormones, like cortisol, can wreak havoc when your body is under stress, and they discussed the relationship between DHEA and cortisol, and how DHEA counterbalances the negative effects of cortisol.  You’ll find the interview with Martie Wittekin on her Radio Martie website. It’s the  May 2, 2015 Healthy by Nature radio show.

Tips for Healthy Hair
Speaking of “hats off,” how’s your hair looking these days? Is it thinning, while your waistline is thickening? Frequently, our hair growth and thickness is an externally noticeable sign of our overall health. Most hair loss or thinning that people ages 35 and up experience is hormone related. estrogen, testosterone and thyroid levels should be maintained within normal levels to support healthy thick hair. We love what Harvard trained Dr. Sara Gottfried, M.D., has to say on the subject.

In addition to using Twist 25 Cream, also consider getting adequate Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 daily There are simple natural solutions to help maintain proper hormone levels and overall health, …and hair and skin look better too:

Eat Your Veggies!
Adding more fiber to your diet, especially vegetables and fruits literally helps the body to get essential vitamins and minerals, and also eliminate excess estrogen. To really notice the beneficial effects, kick it up a notch, practice “clean eating”. Instead of reaching for packaged or fried foods, choose foods like carrots, nuts and berries as snacks, and drink good clean water instead of sodas. Eat pasture-raised organic meats {i.e., no added hormones} and make a tossed salad with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc with many meals as possible. Season your steamed veggies and/or salads with a quick oil-vinegar-salt and pepper vinaigrette dressing or fresh lemon juice.

Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has been recommended by health advocates for centuries for varying uses – some proven by medical research – some not.  Just like with most things, vinegar is very safe and beneficial when used in moderation (1-2 tablespoons per day). The main substance in vinegar that explains its many folk medicine benefits is acetic acid.  Acetic acid helps to inhibit growth of some bacteria and other pathogens so it has been used as a cleaner and disinfectant, as well as a natural preservative. You may want to incorporate unfiltered organic vinegar into your diet daily by using it in food preparation such as salad dressing (1-2 tablespoons per day). Rinse your hair with vinegar to cleanse the scalp.  Its anti-microbial properties cleanse hair and scalp, leaving your hair softer and shinier too!

Regular  deep night-time sleep helps maintain hormone levels because during deep REM sleep, usually between the hours of 2-5:00 in the morning, the body produces and processes many of the hormones it uses during waking hours. So sufficient sleep (8 hours) is not just great for the body, it’s good for your energy, mood and hair, too! According to medical research  published by Dr. E. Friess, et al, “DHEA administration induced a significant increase in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.”

DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone has been shown by medical research to have many health benefits. Please listen to videos posted by Twist 25 customers telling of their experiences.